The success of an organization is a direct reflection of the personal capacity of its leaders. Real brilliance occurs when the values, purpose, and mission of a leader aligns with the objectives of the organization. Coaching enables top performers to reach even higher levels of achievement and influence.

I can help you thrive so that you can outdistance what’s behind you,
and keep your eyes locked on what’s ahead.



Executive coaching is a powerful strategy for enabling organizations to achieve objectives by helping to create exceptional leaders. My results-driven approach has a proven track record of empowering executives to reach new levels of achievement and fulfillment.

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Leadership Coaching

These transformative sessions are designed to work with leaders to identify and leverage strengths, expand capacities in critical areas and evolve one’s unique brand and style. In order to effectively influence others, leaders must first be able to influence themselves and manage their own energy.

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Organizational Consulting

This highly specialized type of consulting will help improve the relationship, dynamics, and overall success of an organization by giving the right tools to its leaders to better work with their teams to motivate, understand and inspire them with the vision of the company.

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Intensive interventions designed to target specific issues which may require immediate resolution.
Complex situations often require highly conscious and deliberate decision making. Utilizing an outside, independent and confidential third-party consultant is essential in critical instances.

Intensive sessions can also create breakthroughs when targeting repetitive patterns in thinking, behavior and experience which have not been successfully resolved by other approaches.
These persistent patterns, left unaddressed, can prevent us from our optimal performance and experiencing the sense of fulfillment we desire.

This format may also serve those considering significant life changes, providing a springboard to launch long contemplated desires into action. This process may include a deep dive into reviewing life priorities, roles and relationships, lifestyle and career shifts.


About Carol


Carol Bennett is a versatile coach with vast experience across multiple sectors, ranging from Fortune 50 clients to non profits. Carol brings an intelligent and intuitive style combined with integrity and confidentiality to her custom-designed coaching and leadership development programs.

With over 35 years of consulting, leadership coaching, management training and psychology, Carol has acquired an extensive toolbox of techniques and strategies to facilitate real change at the core level, and solutions to transcend barriers and obstacles to achieve peak performance. Her work is informed with a deep understanding of human behavior, relationships, and systems theories.

As a leadership coach, Carol engages high performance leaders who want to take their expertise to the next level. Carol has a unique ability to synthesize and integrate vast amounts of information from traditional and non-traditional resources which encompass the fields of neuroscience, psychology, business management, team-building, personal development, peak performance, and wellness practices.

Carol is an expert in developing high-performance teams. With deep insight into group dynamics and utilizing the most effective research-based strategies, she can assist in constellating, coalescing and aligning highly motivated teams with the values, vision and culture of the organization.


Carolina Buitrago
It's been a real privilege to work with Carol. Rarely do you find someone with this type of knowledge, wisdom, and heart. She is an incredible listener and knows just what to say to help you take your next step.

Carolina Buitrago

Author and Public Speaker
Mathew L. Ouellett
Over the years, I have learned an enormous amount about human diversity, group leadership, and facilitation skills from Carol. I am consistently impressed and educated by her keen insights into motivation, group performance, and consistently achieving outstanding results. Watching Carol work with my team firsthand, I gained even deeper appreciation for her sharp, smart strategies. Her work immediately accelerated cohesion and outstanding performance across my highly diverse team.

Mathew L. Ouellett

Executive Director
Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell University
Hinda Miller
With laser focus, Carol wastes no time identifying and addressing key issues that limit my success. Her feedback is direct, honest, no nonsense yet always supportive. With her keen insight and guidance, she always expands my awareness of self, yielding multiple benefits in my professional and personal life. She's good!

Hinda Miller

VT. State Senator 2003-2012
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder /Jogbra Inc.
Philip Herbison
Carol coached me through a critical point in my career. Her techniques and strategies very quickly enabled me not only to breakthrough my blocks but to resume my work at an entirely new level. Her perceptual abilities, clarity and intuition are truly exceptional. I learned a great deal working with her that continues to benefit me in many aspects of my life. And best of all, she made the process fun!

Philip Herbison

Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker


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